Subject                                                                            Cred.

Church History and Historical Theology

CH1 Early and Medieval Church History 2
CH2 Reformation Church History and Reformed Confessions of Faith 2

Old Testament and Exegesis

OT1 Biblical Theology 3
OT2 Exegesis of Pentateuch 2
OT3 Exegesis of Books of Old Testament Prophets 2
OT4 Exegesis of Old Testament Wisdom and Poetry Literature         2

New Testament and Exegesis

NT1 New Testament Hermeneutics 3
NT2 Exegesis of Epistle to Romans 2
NT3 Exegesis of the Gospel of Mark                                              2
NT4 Exegesis of the Book of Acts 2
NT5 Epistle of the Epistle to Hebrews 2

Systematic Theology

ST1 God, Revelation and Inspiration of Scripture 2
ST2 Christology and Soteriology 2
ST3 Pneumatology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology                           2
ST4 Ethics 2
ST5 Apologetics 2

Practical Theology

MR1 Missiology 2
PT1 Pastoral Theology 2
PT2 Worship Theology and Liturgy                                              2